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Trenholme is Canada's sleepwear brand.

We're here to redefine modern luxury. Where femininity pairs effortlessly with confidence, and comfort feels elevated. We're creating the softest sleepwear that values ethical production, sustainable practices and social initiatives.

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"So that from the moment sunlight streaks into your bedroom, you are wearing pajamas made for easy mornings: gathered around the kitchen table, padding about the house, dancing to the soft sounds on the radio or getting lost in deep conversations that invite simple clarities."

Modern Muse.

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The Big Tee is amazing! So soft and great shape!!


Toronto, Canada


I honestly am so in love with my romper! I was never really one to wear pyjamas, but my romper is SO comfortable that I’m convinced it helps me sleep better! Also... it has pockets, I swear it’s perfect!


Kitchener, Canada


Beautiful fabric and warmth of the romper make it my "go to" for cosy at home days and evenings. True comfort and hygge for Canadian winters.


Waterloo, Canada


Received the luxurious nightshirt as a gift! Beautiful material.


Waterloo, Canada


I absolutely love the PJ set. I wish I hadn't waited so long to order for myself. I could live in this set.


Waterloo, Canada

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