How To Style Your Trenholme Romper

Black short sleeve Romper styled for Spring.
A romper is truly a one-piece wonder - cute, comfortable and effortless to style. Read: everyone should have a romper in their wardrobe.
 Spring offers us a sense of 'fashion freedom,' we pack away our boring base layers and reach for prettier things. If you're wondering how to *add a little spice* to your romper, check out how we've styled this loungewear piece three different ways. Let us know which outfit is your favourite and be sure to tag us on Instagram when you rock your own romper look! 

The Work From Home Romper

romper, work from home, home office
 These days, most of us have a short 'commute' to work. Breakfast over the kitchen sink at 8:00am, followed by a Zoom meeting at the kitchen table five minutes later. We figure that since webcams only capture our top halves, the bottom half should be as cozy as possible!
Dressing in this ensemble is easy: just roll out of bed, throw on a fresh romper (or keep the one you have on, we don't judge), add a relaxed-fit blazer and finish it off with a pair of your favourite slippers. Also, if you spend your days straining your eyes at a computer screen, a cute pair of blue light glasses is a MUST. 
What you'll need for this look:
1. Trenholme Romper in London Fog 
2. Faux Fur Slides  
3. 3/4-Sleeve Blazer 
4. Blue Light Glasses

The Around Town Romper

romper, running errands, weekend outfit

Running errands in a romper feels like a luxury experience, and with the right accessories, no one will be able to tell that you've left the house in your pajamas!
A pair of comfy sneakers and a cropped sweatshirt gives this romper a casual feel. We’ve also opted for a small backpack instead of a purse and topped this look off with our favourite accessory for Spring - the baseball cap. It covers up any stubborn bedhead, provides sun protection and perfectly compliments your laidback weekend plans!
What you'll need for this look:
1. Trenholme Romper in Black
2. Lace-up Sneakers
3. Cropped Crewneck
4. Washed Baseball Cap
5. Small Backpack

 The Ready For Anything Romper 

romper, Spring, weekend
Heading out, but not quite sure what the sky is going to do? We get it, Spring in Canada is a rollercoaster! One minute the sun is shining bright and the next minute, you're dodging raindrops on the way back to the car. That's why we created a romper look that was inspired by the ever-changing weather, complete with sunglasses AND rubber boots.
Our favourite part of this look is the cross-body bag, it adds interest, while being a practical accessory to store your keys, wallet and maybe an emergency poncho?
 What you'll need for this look:
1. Trenholme Romper in Oxford Navy
2. Sunglasses
3. Cross-body Bag
4. Ankle Rubber Boots
5. Oversized Denim Jacket


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