It’s more than just passing down a love of reading...

It’s about giving a small child a strong start at a big life!

Literacy is a fundamental skill and one of the strongest predictor’s of a child’s future success in life! Yet, astonishingly, 30% of Grade 3 students in Canada lack basic literacy skills.

When you crunch the numbers, 65% of Ontario children lack confidence in their reading abilities. These young minds are capable of achieving great things, but they need our help. Without additional intervention, students who have difficulty reading in Grade 1 will almost never catch up to meet reading standards by the end of primary school.

The ability to read is a game changer! Literacy builds confidence and expands life opportunities!

Life should be a wild adventure, and reading not only transports us to magical and exciting places, it lets us dream, design and accomplish our own wildest dreams.

Every purchase from A Girl Named Trenholme supports Strong Start to Reading in Waterloo Region. This incredible organization introduces children to letters and sounds, with a progression to word building and vocabulary expansion. With fun games and activities, children become better prepared, more confident and experience less stress and anxiety with learning. This in turn fosters an inner vote of confidence that lets children view themselves as successful learners who belong in the classroom and beyond.

This is what makes slipping into your Trenholme sleepwear a no-brainer! So, go ahead, feel cozy and accomplished.