Anything worth doing,
is worth doing well.

We take special care in designing each piece because we believe in consciously building a wardrobe that will last, transition through the seasons and remain timeless articles that you’ll keep reaching for.

How Do We Do This?

Ethical Production

Our sleepwear is sewn at a Toronto production house, with select pieces made just outside of Toronto.

We value knowing the makers of Trenholme sleepwear, and also knowing that they are being fairly compensated for their time and talent. This is reflected in the higher price point. But, in our opinion, so worth it!

High quality lasts longer, which means less frequent replacement of your sleepwear.

Sustainable Materials

Our sleepwear is made from luxuriously soft bamboo for the ultimate smooth feel against your skin.

We source OEKO-TEX certified fabric. This certification is recognized globally, and ensures that no harmful chemicals are used in any stage of the production process.

Our buttons are made from Tagua palm seeds: machine washable, heat resistant and best of all, free of plastic!

Minimalist Packaging

We get a little wrapped up in making your package pretty, but we also want to be responsible with what we’re putting out into the world.

While your pajamas will last for years to come, the packaging is the first to go.

Your sleepwear arrives at your door in a pretty package, and leaves you with a light conscience, because it is 100% compostable - mailer, tissue paper and all!